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St. Louis Anita Style: Behind the story
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UPIDATE! We are currently Re-VAMPing our RP! There are many main character postions open for the taking! please fill out an application!!

Hello Anita Blake fans! This community was created to help clear up our role playing journal _anita_blake of so many OOC posts. We urge you (if you have not done so already) to check out the story. If you like what you see and want to join, please fill out an application. We also strongly urge you to read LKH's books if you have not done so already. For they are wonderful.

There are very few rules here. Mainly just be nice to every one, and respect their views. And when expressing your own views, please once again keep in mind, be nice. When everyone is being nice, we have a tendancy to have more fun.

Other Mini rules:
-If you want to join this community and be a member in _anita_blake, you must apply for a character.
-It would be nice if you joined our sister site anita_blake_ooc For all RPing information and organization.
-Apply/post as a character after a long time (lets say...a month or two) without an excuse, you name might be yanked for our list. Unless we're on a Pause, everyone should try to keep up with the story - that means reading all the posts, even if your character isn't in any of them. Basically, everyone should have knowledge about the plot and the goings on, even if your RP character doesn't.

Easy, right? Us Mods are very undertand - so as long as you tell us about things, we wont get mad<3

It is first come, first serve with the characters. Below there is a list of the characters that have already been taken, keep in mind that we are always in need of more people to rp!
If the character that you have your heart set on is not taken and would like to join our fun, please by all means adopt one today!
But if you don't want to be in it for the long haul and just would like to dabble in it, then we have something for you too. We have a newly developed program called "Fostering a Character" where you start the character off in the story line, and develop it until the time comes for it to be adopted. By that time you may have become attached to him/her, and may want to adopt them yourself. If this is for you, foster one today!

Founder (formerly Uber-Mod):
insanegolfur (site creator) Contact
MinionsCurrent Mods:
zerosconsort (main rp and character consultant. AKa, current Uper Bod) Contact
engels_flugel (web design, layout design, memories organizer, and all together simi-techie)Contact
NEW!fleta! (Co-rp and character consultant)

Characters :
Anita - britty_b_
Jean-Claude - djblackat
Richard - sarahsprite
Micha - djblackat
Asher - fleta
Nathaniel - britty_b_
Larry -
Edward - zerosconsort
Benardo -
Ronnie -
Zebrowski - ZC

RP Original Characters:
Audrey - _freakystyley_
Lilly - killinglilly
Warren - zerosconsort
Narrator - zerosconsort

Fostered Characters(these are still open for adoption):
Gretchen - _freakstyley_
Jason - zerosconsort
Damian - britty_b_
Belle Mort - killinglilly

Anita - anita_k_blake
Jean-Claude - leamoure
Richard -
Micha - djblackat
Asher - le_chardonneret
Larry -
Nathaniel - mark_me_please
Edward - _death_itself
Benardo -
Belle -
Ronnie -
Zerbrowski -
Audrey - __audrey__
Gretchen - blondeschonheit
Jason - blue_moon_eyes
Warren - le_gardien
Lilly - fleurdelamorte

Narrator - stlouis_script

As always we welcome any and all people that would just like to be readers of this fanfic. Just keep in mind, no commenting on the story unless you are positing in this OOC journal as to not confuse our lovely RPers. Remember this isn't the actual rp journal. This journal is where we can all chat about what is going on in the story, as well as LKH's books (keep all spoilers under cuts), polls, questions, and anything else Anitaverse related. We are always open for new and fresh ideas, and welcome them with graditute.
~The lovely MOD team~

Role Playing Story Community is _anita_blake

Character Services:


To see Color/Love Bars created for our group go here.