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Tag to Micah

There is a tag open to Micah. Just letting you know.

A Tag! A Tag!

There is a tag to Micah. Sorry it took so long. I figured this was a good place to continue. Hopefully this works.

so guys?

I know real Life is hard on everyone lately and some of us are slow anyways. But are we going to continue this plot?

I know I'm a little bored just waiting for things to happen, not that I mean we all need to be swamped and posting daily. But I would like to do *something* here and there otherwise what's the point, you know?

I'd love to hear from you all about what we should do. Even if it's just suggestions to re-vamp it so we can get flow again. Comments, suggestions, input, rants... all of it's welcome.

If we're gonna play, let's all get involved to make it happen :D

So are we moving?

Is someone gone or sick again or are we sitting???? Just curious...

Shameless Pirate Pimping

I have this new board and its PotC themed and i just wanted to pimp it oout a bit we need more ppl to join... theres the characters from the movies also p[lease come by and check it out....


little confused

do we go on a turn by turn basis .. do i post next even though jason hasesnt yet... or do i wait for himm? please let me know as i already have my reply to JC lol
Hey, djblackat, you feeling any better - cuz theres a thread up 4 u...

Shameless pimping!

Since I am a mod here, I say it is okay for me to shamelessly pimp my other *new* community! I figured that y'all might like it since it's an rp community but unlike this one it doesn't follow prompts and the likes. Go check it out, right now it is lame cause I am the only one who has posted, but I am really hoping that'll change soon. Catch y'all later!


I haven't completely disappeared... I've been chronically sick for a damn long time and don't see an end in sight yet. My work schedule is weird and I am lacking transportation so this has really been a random month for me. Right now, if I am not working, I have been sleeping in an overly medicated state.

If there have been tags to JC or Micah, I am sorry I've missed them. I will try to catch up once things stabalize out a bit which should hopefully be soon.

So, what's going on

Am I missing a tag or something? Or are we at a standstill? Not complaining... just curious. If I missed a tag, I'm sorry, someone please point it out to me.