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What's up with all the "adult content" things on the rp site?  When the hell did that happen?  Is anyone involved here anymore, I'd like to start this up.  ROLL CALL!!!


Mar. 9th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC)
I myself am not real good with following an actual story line per se. When I first joined this com when it was getting started I was also a mod over at the_embrace where it was set in a bar for the most part and people could just bring their own characters (orig or cannon) and strike up an rp with folks. But the owner decided it was too much work for her so instead of passing it off to the other mods she deleted the journal. Which is a bummer because I really liked that style personally. I guess that is why I created my own version of it pub_revelation, though sadly the only other person I got in on it decided she didn't want to do it anymore, so it's just sitting there.

I'll try to help where I can, but with story ideas I'm not much help.